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Penelope on youtube:


"Black Carrie" Music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyI5hAvkIug 

Live at the Harp hotel - CD launch of Archive vol II: Songs from the Borderline and live at Woodford



"Black Carrie" Music video to be released 1st April - stay tuned


The following songs are available free:


From the  new CD Skin:Deep:

Sweet Thing
Heart Knows For Sure
So Lucky
Face to the Light

From Monkey Comfort

20 Summers

 go to www.myspace.com/penelopeswales 



More songs from Monkey Comfort:

Farewell Margaret 
Natural World
How Good It Is 

Justifying Your Longings to the Doctor:

Just Twisted
Lost in London

Archive Vol 1: Demo's Out-takes and One-offs:

Poor Dim Sally

 go to http://www.mp3.com.au/PenelopeSwales/Music



Penelope Swales / Homemade Wine

Penelope Swales / Justifying Your Longings To Doctor

Penelope Swales / Monkey Comfort

Penelope is also available on iTunes.


Totally Gourdgeous on Youtube!

New Totally Gourdgeous Album/DVD recorded Live at Woodford to be released this year. Some sneak previews available from the following:

"Queen Bee" (Penelope Sings)

"Doesn't Matter anymore" (Andrew sings)

"Cream" (Carl sings)

"U Need Yr Nees" (Mal sings)


This is a list of some of Penelope's songs and which album they're on.


For "Monkey Comfort" lyrics click here

Absorb You (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Already Begun (Returning On Foot)
Aunty Betty (Returning On Foot)
Amy's Okay (Archive)
Begging Bowl (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Blockade (Returning On Foot)
Bouganville (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Brunswick Street Cappuccino (Returning On Foot)
Car (Returning On Foot)
Chainbrake (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Corners (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Cusp (Returning On Foot)
Dizzy Edge of Freedom (Archive)
Guenevere And The Fire (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Hundred Thousand (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Image (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Jacaranda (Returning On Foot)
Justifying Your Longings To The Doctor (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Just Twisted (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Lost In London (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Madness, Mines, and Mortgages (Archive)
Miss You (Returning On Foot)
Ocean (Archive)
Our Aparthied (Returning On Foot)
Respect Baby (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Sidmouth Song (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Southern Spring (Returning On Foot)
Stalks Of Last Year's Fruit (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Steal-hearted Annie (Archive)
Stone Cold Sober Part One (Returning On Foot)
Stone Cold Sober Part Two (Returning On Foot)
Sweet Moderation (Returning On Foot)
The Panther (Returning On Foot)
Underbelly (Justifying Your Longing to the Doctor)
Welcome to the Garden (Returning On Foot)