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 Hello all,

My other hat is musical Instrument maker for my band, the cabaret-style portable pumpkin festival of  silliness Totally Gourdgeous. I started making instruments in 1998 under the tuition of Jack Spira, with whom I share workshop space when I'm not on tour. I got into using gourds becasue I was looking for a way to make hand-crafted instruments more affordable.

Gourds are hard-shelled fruits of the pumpkin family, and have been used for making musical instruments in Equatorial countries for as long as anyone cares to remember. Traditional instruments include Sitars from India and Koras from Africa. I make gourd versions of western-style instruments - guitars, basses, fiddles, mandolins, etc, as well as Kalimbas - otherwise known as Thumb Pianos.

I do make instruments for sale, depending on my touring commitments - this year for Xmas I will be making a batch of Kalimbas, some with Grevillea tops (a lovely lacy wood from Queensland) and some with Blackwood. If anyone would like to purchase one, please contact me penelope@penelopeswales.com Prices are $50 including postage within Australia. International postage is a little extra

Kalimbas (above)

4 gourd Guitars and a bass (below)